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I'm glad to see that there are more engineers joining this forum and contributing their knowledge. The paper you suggest looks like it would be quite interesting, and while I am a staunch believer in protecting intellectual property, I am wondering if you, or someone would be willing to give us a book report, the Cliff's Notes if you will. I just would like to know what the jist is.

And taaboo,

I can't completely agree with your comment, "...this constant talk about "every 3000 miles or else"." All I recall anyone saying is that THEY choose to change their oil at those intervals, and what others choose to do is entirely up to the individual.

And as to MB vs DC, MB is still correct, as it is the division of DC that we are most concerned about. DaimlerChrysler includes vehicles from Mercedes Benz, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Thomas, Setra, Western Star, Sterling, Freightliner, American LaFrance, and Smart. As well as components from Detroit Diesel, MTU Friedrichshafen & MTU Aero, Mopar, Powerline & Temic.

BTW, during a recent conversation with an engineer at RedLine Oil,, I was told that the normal drain interval for their synthetic diesel engine oil when used in my car should be 13,000 to 18,000 miles...

And those of us who are already using synthetic oils are helping the environment by not relying on fossil oils. In return, we are rewarded with better fuel economy, better lubrication, and no sludge in our engines, as the synthetics do not have any wax or paraffin in them!
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