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Johnson Chan
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Hello CJ,

Lets say you are parked on a hill, if you use the parking brake first then shift it in park. What happens when you shift back out of it. Do you hear a clunk.

I use the parking brake all the time cause it saves on wear. If I dont use the parking brake on a hill and just use the park, when you put it in R or D, you will hear a loud clunk.

Flex disk is easy to change, just get some ramps or some way of getting under the car. They are not expensive either. It might be going out on you. Sometimes my car has loud clunking when driving fast and hard, even though i have a new tranny and flex disks, etc. so it might be normal.

Sorry if i dont make a whole lot of sense, i have been without sleep for a couple days. also your cd's are in the mail.
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