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Oops, sorry. Yes, you are right, only a few lines are working and I did found the thread in the diesel section at:
240D - Rear Defroster defogger And that you could buy a repair kit for rear window defroster at:

My rear window have milky white substance all around the window far most out AND is the luxury model. Or as You wrote in this, 126 Rear Defogger Problem , "Mercedes uses a defroster with very tiny sinus-waved elements in the more expensive models and these elements are stuck between the different layers of the rear screen".

I phoned some junkyard but apparently the rear window is glued and it is impossible to remove it without destroying it. MB had some trouble before; if you lowered the side windows while driving fast the read window would fell out, so MB glue all read windows now.

A price indication from Dutch would be nice to have. Of course the shipping cost some too, but if the price is good... The window is not broken, just the lines in it, I'm in no rush.

/Patrik Sj÷blom
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