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Red Line Oil

I have used RedLine exclusively for the last 10 or so years. I became interested when I saw the Penske CART team transferring redline from a 55 Gal. drum to Mobil One quart bottles to keep the appearances of the use of a sponsors' product. I researched the ASTM test results of Redline and made the switch. To this day I don't think anything comes close to their performance on all tests relevent to a performance application. Most endurance teams use Redline. I have used their motoroils and all syn. lubricants with no problems in several Benz and other cars and bikes (a Kubota tractor too). The 300SD just had a timing chain done at 365,000 miles and the mechanic(very experienced with diesel Benzes) commented that the old chain was still good. I try to change oil and filter on that car every 7-8,000 miles. I do the 500E every 3-4,000. The Kubota once a year.
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