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I have purchased two of these garages, and they are really great. I put the first one up alone and the second I had help. They are really quite simple to put together, just nuts & bolts, very much like an erector set. The worst part is putting on the actual cover on the frame, because it's awkward to do. Outside of that, they are builder friendly. You will need a ladder to put the frames together and place the cover on them. It took me two days to do the first one and only one day for the second. They are quite strong and hold up EXCELLENT against the weather. You will need to decide the surface it will sit on. I put down a gravel floor and then the garage on top. I even attached a roof hoist for my R129! They will support a lot of weight and keep the car from the weather. I also wired mine with speakers and a telephone. I suggest after you receive the garage you unpack everything and carefully study the directions. This will speed your construction as you become familiar with the parts. Also, it is easier to put on the actual cover when it is warm outside. The first one I did in November and had to retighten the cover in the warm spring. The second one I did was in June, and it really went on tight the first time. I purchased the heaviest grade material and am glad I did. The snow rolls off them very easily. The only down side is that there can be condensation on the inside at times that will drip on the cars. I plan to install an inner line to prevent this in the spring. Hope this info has helped....I recommend them for ease of construction, economy, quality of product, and the protection it offers my Benzes!
Dale, R129
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