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Hi there!,

My A160 (A-Class-W168) has its (ASSYST) service indicator light on. I have changed oil myself, is it possible to reset it without using an MB Handheld?

BTW, my service light lit up twice since brandnew, first at 3,500kms., and now again at 7,500kms. My car is two years old. How come that at such low mileage, the indicator light has lit up twice? Isnt it supposed to be that, MB cars have longer service intervals than other cars?

I just also want to include a few more questions:

1) What kind of brake fluid do i use? Does it have to be MB brake fluid? or any brand DOT3 or DOT4?

2) What kind of power steering fluid do i use? Is a Dexron 2 ATF Fluid (MB 236.6) suitable? or do i have to use original MB Powersteering fluid?

3) Can I use non MB windshield washer fluid?

Your kind assistance on these matters will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

MB A160 Avantgarde

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