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Having never seen an "A" Class car until my trip to Aruba this winter, I can't say too much specifically.

The service warning given on US bound cars can be reset using the trip odometer button. The tap dance is described in the owners manual. We use a scanner so I have never memerized the procedure.

The service interval used for US cars is about every 10k miles, but uses other factors besides mileage to determine the actual interval. I think time can also be factored in along with the "conductivity" of the oil. We tell all our customers to change their oil at least once every six months. You are obviously not driving your car much - this will change the way it should be serviced over its life.

I think that the interval by time can be programmed into the instrument cluster with a factory scanner.

Dot4 brake fluid will be sufficient. On the P/S fluid I would stick with MB. The windshield washer fluid should be whatever works in your environment. Amount of bugs are a factor in Florida. Poor quality water might influence a different choice. Temperature another. I wouldn't worry so much about the label here, but local advice should be sought as to an agent that won't harm the cars finish.
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