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I am pretty sure his diagnosis of the ICU is right. He put a test light on the old one, the 1st one I got from the junk yard and the 2nd one I got from the junkyard. The old one didnt make the test light flash at all, the second one did make the light flash, and he said the third one didnt make the light flash. The reason the 1st one from the junkyard didnt get the car to start is because it was for a totally different car. He was telling me that if you drive with a bad coil for a long time then it will ruin the ICU, and apparently my coil was bad. The second ICU I got looked real corroded in the pins on one of the round connectors and the O-rings that seal the plugs from moisture were in bad shape. I will call that number you gave me and look for a rebuilt unit.
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