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My car has no switch for standard/economy.

My gear selector has PRND32

If I start in D, and granny the pedal, I get 3 shifts when speed is finally arrived at.

So for instance, from 0-45 starting with granny feet on the pedal, 10 mph or less = shift 1, 20-35 mph = 2nd shift, and 3rd shift at 40-45.

Thats not an exact estimate, but just going by what I think it shifts at. so if there are 3 shifts there, that would mean it started in first otherwise there would have been two shifts, 2-3, 3-4. Not 1-2,2-3,3-4, like I am experiencing.

Is it possible the tranny valve body has had the mod for first gear start.

Just want to know, I have no problems with it doing first or second gear starts, but I would like to know if it is possible that MB made them in my model and year with first gear start fromt he factory, or if it is starting in first and should be starting in second, then how would one tell it has been modified. is it even possible to tell something like that?

If I am doing near 40 mph and I floor it, hitting the kick down, the car will take off nicely.

Sometimes if going over forty and I floor it, it would seem like it hits first gear for a few seconds then kicks into second aand the car takes off.

Just curious is all, its not a problem for me, Just wanted to know if anyone knew how to tell if it was a factory option or factory setting or if it was modified.

Love how the car drives and it shifts very nicely.

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