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Exclamation Lamda/EHA #'s Interpretation Help

Hey all, I'm a Newbie at this Lamda stuff so bear w/ me here:
These are the #'s I got today trying to figure out my warm hard start/low rpm prob on my 91 300TE and I need some help figuring out what exactly I am looking for and what needs to be done next. (fyi: I have recently replaced the EHA/O2 sensor/OVP and cleaned the ICV)

Ign On + 4.2ma
Eng On + 3.8ma

Duty Cycle (via volt meter/arithmetic method): 70%

Fuel Mix (Volts @ #3pin): 4.5v

IVC- This one was funny. I could only get about 2ma out of it @ idle.

Now from my (limited) understanding of this stuff I am running quite a bit lean, but what should I do about it? Just bump up the mix? Do I need a new Lamda Tower? (If so how do I get the other one off, or is it adjustable? It does have a steel ball on top.) What other piece of equiptment should I test/replace?
I have read most everything I can find...but I'm still learning.
Thanks a ton for any help, I'm really stuck w/ where to take this!
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