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Hi again.
Ok..My battery Died. For those that don't know me, at the end of Dec 2000, About 6 weeks ago, I bought a 95 280c from the Westchester NY mercedes dealer with a 3 year starmark.
Today, after parking at my house, I set the alarm off by accident, so, I put the key in the door lock to turn it off (never had it go off before) and did went my way.
A few hours later, I went out to start my car and the battery was dead. I jump started the car after figuring out that the battery was in the trunk and ran the car for 15 mins to let the car charge up. I turned it off, and the battery was still dead.
The question is, should the mercedes dealer replace this battery, or am I going to have to foot the bill. Remember, this car is starmarked 6 weeks out of the dealer.
Any comments???
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