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I had a Starmark car and about a year after buying it, the battery was dying (signified by the onset of slow cranking in cold weather) I took the car to the dealer. They said the battery had it’s own warranty (it was a MB battery), and that they’d pro-rate the new battery for the remainder of the old battery’s warranty period. They said the battery was a normal maintenance item with a finite service life – akin to brakes and bulbs (which also aren’t covered). Anyway, I think I paid about $30 or so for a new battery and they installed it and did a test of the charging system for no additional fee. This all took place in about a half hour after I stopped by with no appointment. Given your car is 6 weeks out, and stranded, I'll all but bet they'll do it n/c.

Second, you might want to have them look at the charging system. It is virtually all covered by warranty. The tale you tell could be the battery but perhaps the alternator is putting out minimal charging? Anyway, in my case the dealer was prompt and the cost, was trivial.

I found the Starmark warranty to be easily the best automobile warranty on the planet. I could go on for volumes about my experiences. In summary, the dealer will probably be happy to help you.


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