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I just test drove a 90 300SEL w/ 94K miles on it. It drove like a new car, very impressive all around. A real beauty too, black & black leather, hmmmmmm.

Its at a local MB dealership where they took it in on a trade. Of couse their asking what seems to me an incredible high price of $14,900... I know I can low ball them to a point, but should it be worth? For an eleven year old car w/ 94K on it, it is in very good shape. It does have two or three minor dings, minor scratches that compound should handle, a small web crack in the front D/S light assembly and a good size dent in the drivers side mirror (merriting replacement). I did notice a tiny bit of seapage of oil or whatever on the bottom of the motor, but *none* on the ground where it had been parked for days at least.

1- Any known problems with this model that I should be aware of?
2- Whats a real world price for this car?

3- Is there such thing as love at first sight?

4- I think my wife is jelous already?

Thanks, ~George~
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