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Sounds as if you need new struts/shock absorbers for the bounce as well as having tires balanced.
As for the pull under braking. What shape are the tires in? Low tread depth will exacerbate any alignment flaws. A high quality alignment shop with MB experience is preffered. Were the brake lines bled properly? A little air in the opposite side brake line would cause an imbalance of pressure being applied to the front brakes. A caliper with frozen piston(s) could be the problem, but less likely, I suppose.
Sounds like a fun problem to diagnose and fix. NOT so much fun to drive in its present condition. The subject is "rotors" the only part that DOESN'T seem to be the problem! Did you replace one rotor and not the other? Are the pads wearing evenly inner pad to outer pad as well as left side to right side?
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