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I am going to be replacing my rear shocks with OEM Bilsteins. The question I have is which would be best for my '80 W116, standard or heavy duty. I tried looking up the part number for the HD shocks, but it came up as not being in the data base. I got the part number for the HD shocks from the benzbin. With the weight of my W116, would a heavy duty shock be best or would it give to harsh of a ride. Not that I want my car to float like a Caddy, but I don't want to have a bone jarring ride either. Also if someone to clearify the removing and replace of the rear shocks. I looked at the manual and it gives the impression that you can remove the shocks with the car on the ground. It says to remove the back seat, unbolt the top bolt through the access hole. Then remove the 2 lower bolts that attach it to the control arm, and just remove it in a downward direction. The reason I am questioning this is because there wouldn't be any room to pull the whole shock out. Maybe the meant to say after removing the top bolt, to raise the vehicle, then remove the 2 lower bolts.
Any past experience from anyone would be greatly appreciated.
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