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There is a little thermostat at the end of the heater coil which should control the temp of the washer fluid. It opens and closes much like the one in your cooling system. The washer fluid should be warm not "hot", but I guess that depends on your definition of "hot"...This little temp control valve is known to fail and stay open all the time or leak. You can test it by removing the coil from the tank and running cold tap water over it. It should open (blow thru one side of the stainless tubing. Now run it under warm to hot tap water. Should either close completely or at least restrict flow. If nothing changes with the hot water, then it's stuck open. The bad news is that it can't be repaired. and as far as I know it's not a separate item. If you leave the washer fluid "hot" all the time, you will end up with all of the alcohol boiling off and have a resevoir of blue water.
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