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After removing after-market alarm & radio wire and relays I was able to jump start the car by attaching a wire to the battery's positive electrode, then touching it to the starter wire on that three-wire switch at the brake reservoir.

I am reading the posts here and on the MB Mailing list about wiring the starter, and my essential question is:

How do I connect the battery wire to the starter circuit inside the car?

Within the the mass of wires and relays I removed was probably a means of doing this, but not being so mechanically inclined, I don't know how to reproduce it.

Incidentally, in the passenger footwell is a bundle of wires -- of which four are cut and exposed, and were connected to the stuff I removed. One is purple and, when touched with the battery wire, caused the ignition buzzer to go off and the starter solenoid(?) to click. Two are brown and sparked and smoked a tiny bit when touched briefly by the battery wire. The last is yellow and I did not try anything with this. Should I be focusing on these?

Thanks again!

Eric Silver
89 260E

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