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An Old Cajun Proverb...

It goes like this: "Sometimes when you're up to our ass in alligators, it's hard to remember that your original intention was to drain the swamp."

So, I can see that you are in a heap of trouble. First, remember this simple fact, just about any brown wire in a Mercedes is a ground wire. And, you should be using a 12v test lamp. It looks like an icepick with a wire coming out of the back of it, with an alligator clip on the end. You connect the alligator clip to ground, and when you touch the end of the "ice pick" to a voltage source, a bulb in the handle of the "pick" will light up. Much safer that probing around with jumper wires.

I really don't know, aside from what Steve is already telling you, what to suggest to help you. Remember that all wires in your car will be color coded, usually with a main jacket color accented with stripes. Look for the ones that match, and try re-connecting any that you severed. Then try the ignition key again.

One last thing, if you re-post to the original thread you started in the first place, it will be brought back to the beginning automatically. That way, all of the information on the topic will be in one place, and no one will have to go looking for the older thread... I really don't know of a way for you to prune them together at this point, short of cut/paste/delete...

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