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I have no CD or diagram. Normally I would not be fiddling with any of this, nor am I qualified to do so, but I was forced to out of necessity.

The junk circuitry I removed had a wire that ran from the battery to a starter kill relay that was crudely spliced to the three-pronged starter switch's purple wire in the center. This wire then ran back into the passenger footwell where it connected to the alarm wiring. All of this is gone now, but the logic remains: Power from the battery must somehow get to the starter wire in the ignition switch.

My first impulse was to just splice into the visible purple wire I can see under the dash, but since that has never been tampered with before, I am not about to start. Splicing directly into to the engine bay switch is not an option since the starter would spin forever.

I am actually starting to enjoy this as I am learning a lot about how this car works -- and how exceptionally well-engineered it is. I could easily stop now and just jump the car again tomorrow and have my mechanic do the wiring, but the remaining work *seems* relatively straightforward.


Your alligator analogy is very relevant, but I would say that I am actually out of trouble now.

Believe it or not, this whole process started with a worn key that would not open doors or start the car. After removing and cleaning the locks with no success, I simply got a new key (took only a day). Then I figured that since I had already done so much work -- and figured out how to remove the door handles -- I'd continue with every "housekeeping" task I had been planning to do for several months -- specifically, repainting my trim and doorhandles, as well as rewiring my stereo (no point in putting a 180 watt head unit through a 60 watt amp).

It was when I pulled back the passenger carpet and discovered the mess of strange wires that I decided every non-original wire or device in the car had to go. (Just a personal quirk; if there is dirt under the carpet, most people will not care, but I will not sleep well until I know it is gone.) I eventually removed two buckets of wire and cable that the car's previous owners left behind. (If you saw how poorly this stuff was installed, you probably would have done the same.) Everything went smoothly until I cut whatever 3rd-party ignition connection was in use, but that's OK. The car runs, and any needed restoration work will not be hard or expensive. Mostly, I like knowing that my car is "clean" with no one else's leftover junk in it.

As for the ignition key, that works fine -- as long as there is power to the ignition wire. Worst case, I will extend the battery and ignition wires into the car, and rig a center-console "Batmobile" starter (in place of the fader wheel which I no longer need) until I get to my mechanic's later this week.

Thanks -- both of you -- for your feedback!


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