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Here in Pima county I am allowed 30% opacity on my 83 F250. It always passes at about 3%. I don't know offhand what the allowance is on my 87 Benz, but it goes thru at about 1 to 2%. Last year there was an exhaust leak and it went thru at 0%!!! The emissions are very lenient on the older diesels, in order to fail your engine would be in such bad shape you probably wouldn't be driving it. When you do the high speed test just be sure to go over the range indicated on the analyzer screen then slowly back down into range, when it will begin the test. Keep a light foot, even dropping MPH slowly and you will pass cleaner than an old gasser. The last thing you want to do is accelerate during the test period.
Hook all your hoses and vaccuum lines up first or you will fail the visual.
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