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Re: Hmmm Re: who says you must test?

Originally posted by whunter
Not if the vehicle was manufactured prior to emissions standards.
The vehicle we are talking about was exempted from emission testing when manufactured and imported, because there where no standards.
Consult the DOT and EPA on that fact.
EPA - DOT testing of diesels did not start until 1985, all earlier vehicles are totally exempt.
Consult a US attorney on the facts of these statements.
US Supreme Court has slapped California hard on this point.
It would cost several tens of trillion dollars to make all the old, classic and antique cars meet emissions.

I would bet that a bureaucrat looked at gas emission testing and assumed that diesel started at the same time, wrong thinking.
Consult a lawyer, you will win and do a big favor for all diesel owners in your state.
Have a great day.
You don't get it, do you? Even if the diesels manufactured PRIOR to a certain date were exempt from FEDERAL emission standards at the time, they are still subject to STATE emission standards. FEDERAL emission standards, or in this case the lack thereof, are considered the MINIMUM standards. As long as states don't try to go BELOW the MINIMUM standards, they are free to impose whatever additional emissions they want. Your "facts" are incorrect.

I enjoy reading your posts on mechanical matters, but you are clearly out of your element on this subject. Please consult a local attorney if you doubt this.
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