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Well,thought I'd weigh in on this too. I have a '90 300SE and I love it. It's smooth, quiet and comfortable. Some might argue it's a little underpowered, but since you are accustomed to a diesel, you'll think your driving a rocket.

The 103 engine is the proven workhorse of that era and is less expensive to maintain. The 126 body is considered by many to be one of the best looking and engineered cars MB ever built.

The fact that you are looking at the end of the run is good, as by then they had all the "kinks" worked out. They do weep oil from around the timing chain cover. Keep an eye on the dip stick and you'll be fine.

The miles are certainly low. If the condition is good,I'd guess $12K-13K would be in line. Check to see if A/C and valve guides have been upgraded.

You'll love being a member of "The German Yact Club"

Good luck!


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