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I just took the State of Oregon emission test two days ago on my new El cheapo 1975 240D beater. All vehicles 1975 and newer must take emission testing in the Portland Area.

The requirements are, for a 1975 240D:

"CO(%) MAX 1.5%"


"OPACITY LEVEL: For a diesel vehicle, if smoke is visible from the tailpipe, the percentage of clarity. If the percentage is higher than 20, the vehicle will fail. For a gasoline-powered vehicle, it will fail for any visible emissions not including water vapor."

The test was done at idle, not on a treadmill. The car smokes very little if at all at idle. The technician didn't perform the opacity test. The measured CO% was 0.00.

This car smokes a little blue when I lift the "gas" pedal in gear to downshift, or slowing down. I will replace the valve seals soon. Power seems fine. Starts fine.

Go take the test, you'll probably pass.

Good luck,

'86 300E (oh, it's smooth)
'75 240D (oh, it's kinda rough)
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