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Re: Re: Hmmm Re: who says you must test?

Originally posted by Jim Dandy
You don't get it, do you? Even if the diesels manufactured PRIOR to a certain date were exempt from FEDERAL emission standards at the time, they are still subject to STATE emission standards. FEDERAL emission standards, or in this case the lack thereof, are considered the MINIMUM standards. As long as states don't try to go BELOW the MINIMUM standards, they are free to impose whatever additional emissions they want. Your "facts" are incorrect.
I enjoy reading your posts on mechanical matters, but you are clearly out of your element on this subject. Please consult a local attorney if you doubt this.
I understand this subject very well.
I have worked as an engineer in the OEM’s and I have worked as a master mechanic in 28 states.
Unilateral retroactive emission testing of vehicles made prior to emissions standards is a clear violation of US law.
I will consult the EPA test lab in Ann Arbor, Michigan for chapter and verse and when testing began.
As I recall; any state may raise there emission standards and it will effect all vehicles manufactured from that date forward only.
No state can mandate that a FORD Model-T meet any standard: the same applies to a Packard or any pre standard automobile.
The critical date is when 49 state testing of import diesels began.

As stated; if you are concerned:
#1. Run the fuel tank as low as possible.
#2. Refill with pure clean vegetable oil.
#3. You will pass, regardless of how bad the EGR is.
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