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The non-U.S. 300e has a 4-cylinder engine which I believe is the same as a 190e engine. The problem is that when one accelerates hard the engine backfires and nearly dies. If the temperature sensor wire is disconnected it accelerates normally. Another problem is that it does not idle properly and will die once it warms up.

When pulling the wire on the temp sensor on the front of the engine, the car will idle fine but will not start unless the wire is re-connected to the sensor.

Have switched computers with one from a 190e and the problem did not change. Changed the temperature sensor and that did not change anything.

I suspect there could be an electrical problem that causes the computer to malfunction. One thing noted that sometimes when the ignition switch is turned on the parking lights come on. The owner of the car said this started about the time the engine problems started.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Bob
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