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Thanks To Everyone

Thank you to everyone who replied to my problem.

I have resolved it for the most part by pulling the ignition and power wires into the car -- just as they were before. However, I have decided to go with a permanent push-button ignition scheme rather than connect to the ignition key, since I am still spooked by the key problems I had which triggered all this in the first place.

As a dot-commie, very much into computer technology, there are some intriguing possibilities with such a set-up, perhaps incorporating nearly undefeatable security using biometric or iButton technologies. Therefore, I'm kind of glad this little accident occured, and again thank every one who replied.

To Scott: thanks for the scoop on the brown ground wires. I assumed grounds would be black. In any event, there are two brown wires: one for the purple wire and one for the yellow. I know what the purple does -- initiates the pre-ignition sequence (without the starter). Why do I have a sneaky suspicion (or at least a strong hope) that the yellow will crank the starter? (And make me very happy.)

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