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Originally posted by DieselAddict
I'm no lawyer but I think Jim is right though I understand what whunter is saying about not being able to require Model-T's to pass an emission test. Clearly there was no emission testing back then, but I think you (whunter) are wrong about the year 1985 as the start of emission testing. It was definitely way before then, otherwise why do my 82 and 83 cars have emission tags?
In a nutshell, this is what's occurring:

The federal diesel emission requirement states that because there were no standards before such-and-such date, then there is no need to require a diesel automobile to be tested if it was manufactured before that date.

Certain states, on the other hand, are saying that that's not good enough for their locale. They feel that there is a need to set some kind of emissions standard for diesel automobiles manufactured before the federally imposed date if they are to be licensed for use in their state. Obviously this does not go below any federal standard and the standards will (obviously) not be as rigorous as any standards set for any currently manufactured diesel engines.

A state could most certainly require emissions testing for any automobile licensed within their jurisdiction -- even Model Ts. A lot of the decision will come down to how many vehicles of a certain age are operated on a "regular" basis and what the public will tolerate as far as additonal licensing and testing.
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