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Yes Bigshot, the insurance do pay they windows if the get a crack or a chip in them (big chip in the drivers area is not legal to have either) but one usually have to pay some money of your own.

The company I used to have only wanted 1.200 SEK from me (the new company is much cheaper/year) but this company wants 35% or minimum 1.000 SEK, that would be 3.400 SEK if the window cost 9.600 SEK (the price incl. the work also). I doubt that my insurance company lets me use the insurance for a delaminating rear window. And how do I get an stone in the rear window? Well, that could be arranged but I think that is unlegal.

Thanks for the info Dave, I believe that the window offered is for sedans (coupes have different rear windows). I saved the link anyway. I have the car under a "car roof" so I don't have to remove any ice on it, the inside is still visable and at work I have in a garage. (+12 degree Celsius). Of course, my new winter tires cost me 5.000 SEK and the alarm (with immobilizer) cost 5.200 SEK so 9.600 is not that much when I think about it.

I will have to think about what to do.

Thanks for all help/suggestions.
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