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Stops Running

Definately sounds like the fuel pump. I had a very similar problem with my 4.5 a few years ago. Had the pump tested by my local MB mechanic and it was truly the pump. Phoned Europarts and had the problem solved in a couple of days.

In my very humble opinion, when the ECU fails I think it tends to be catostrophic. The ECU is a big ticket item on that car and I find reprehensible that the mechanics would use replacement as a diagnostic tool. I don't mean to trash mechanics, as the majority are very ethical, but it's the small minority that makes it difficult for the rest.

I would find someone (Dealer etc) with the appropriate Bosch Tester and have a proper diagnosis performed on the vehicle. Within minutes of plugging the tester into the ECU the mechanic will be able to tell if it's the pump or not.

Good Luck

Chris M
71 250CE
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