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I need some help with my 71 250CE. 1. I am seeking a source in Canada for technical manuals as well as parts for this model (it was never imported into the US). 2. I have replaced nearly every component of the cold start system or at least tested the rest. The car starts very hard cold (unless I adjust the manifold pressure regulator or advance the timing by 10 degrees) and once running the car runs extremely rich, stalls when the accelerator is depressed (unless pump in short fast strokes) and after 10 minutes of running this way the plugs are fouled (#1 and 2# are wet - gas not oil) and the oil is contaminated with gas.

The car has a history of constantly having points/plugs replaced. I had the head pulled and new valve guides put in and the head checked by a specialised MB machine shop, the injectors were replaced within the last 25,000 miles, and the cold start valve is working as specified. I also replaced the fuel pressure regulator and it is now running within spec.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as my mechanic is confounded (30 year MB mechanic) and my local MB dealer has no idea what to do on a 6 cyl EFI car of this vintage.

This car has the early Bosch Djetronic injection system (same as the 4.5 and 3.5 108/109's).

Many Thanks

Chris M
71 250CE
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