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I drive approximately 1200 miles per month in my '87, mixed city and freeway driving. I started with 51000 miles ~ 2 years ago, and now have 75,500 miles. Aside from routine maintenance items and elective items like the Sportline suspension and Euro lights, my repairs have been as follows:

Motor mounts, water pump (coolant never changed before), all hoses, monobelt, thermostat cover - $662

Injector seals and sleaves - $82

flex disks - $156

replace rear brake pads, flush lines, replace brake fluid and hoses (precautionary), check freon leak, top r12 freon and add dye - $304

replace front rotors and pads, brake wear sensors, brake fluid. replace AC drier and expansion valve, "O" rings, and convert system to r134 - $685

This averages out to $89.95 per month of ownership for repairs. Doesn't include 3k interval oil changes, tires, shocks, light bulbs, and other normal wear items. In fact I don't consider the brakes as belonging in the above list, but couldn't seperate them from the AC work done at the same time. I figure about $75 per month for "repairs" - MUCH less than our Acura Legend. Larry's estimate of less than $1k per year should be right on the money. Besides Larry's oil change advice, I suggest yearly coolant and hydraulic fluid changes. Hope this helps.

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