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Originally posted by resqguy
Here we go...

1) Make all Government entitlement programs subject to review. They must apply for renewed funding every few years, and not all at the same time. Government must make status reports of these programs available on the Internet.

2) Voting. Make all ballots in English. All voters must pass a competancy test before voting. Voters would be required to have basic knowledge of civics and the Constitution.

3) Tax the proceeds payed to lawyers from lawsuits at %75.

4) Enforce impeachment laws against judges that rule using international or foriegn statutes in conflict with the US Constitution or established rulings.

5) Have open hearings on immigration quotas, then set and enforce them.

6) Enforce sedition laws.
1) The GOA already does that. Problem is getting congress to do anything about it.

2) No argument from me

3) That would just make juries give out larger awards.

4) The Foriegn statutes thing is an urban legend. It's never happened. Its based on a comment made in a Supreme Court ruling on a foriegn statute, thats all it was, a comment.

5) The real problem with immigrants is employers, not immigrants. If there weren't any jobs for them, they wouldn't come here. We fill green buses with thousands of them everyday, but the laws against employing them is so full of loopholes you'll never see a single police car with a CEO in it. The business lobby, not the immigrants, is why millions of them are here.

6)Sedition laws are unconstitutional and haven't been enforced since 1802. Even then they caused riots. Seems the problem is the people who get to define what "sedition" is, seem to define it so it applies to whomever disagrees them.
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