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CEL from 606 EGR - How can I clean it out?


My father's 96 E300d has had some check engine light issues lately. First it was the throttle position sensor that set the light when the cruise control was used. Replaced it and all was well. Then a glow plug burned out. did that job (we cranked it with the gps out and the intake off, and got a light due to injector circuits being open as well), got the codes cleared, and then all was well. Drove it from cold to full temp, all speeds, etc. Seemed fine.

I just got word that the light came back on, this time because of improper airflow through the EGR. This tells me that it is either stuck open or closed. Is this typical?

One thing I do know is that there was a lot of goop in the intake, both in the manifold holes and in the holes in the head. Id perhaps say that almost 1/2 of the hole areas on the manifold side were clogged from this stuff.

Using a popsicle stick, we cleaned it from the holes in the head, we then used come carb cleaner and sticks to get the junk from the manifold, as far as we could reach in. We were very thurough, although I guess dipping it would have been better.

Anyway, my guess is that perhaps the remains of that gunk that we didnt manage to get out has freed itself, been ingested, burned and spit out, only to collect on the EGR valve, causing it to not open and close properly. I cant imagine what else it could be, after all, we drove the car quite a bit with no light, then all of a sudden, on it comes. Its pretty bad too, if the code is erased, apparently it comes on as soon as the car is restarted (I thought the egr only worked above idle, below WOT, and when the engine was up to temp?

Any suggestions? well have to have a close look for an electronic connection that maybe we caused to loosen a bit, and then rattled off with driving?

Any help would be great. Hopefully one of these days the CEL will stay off.


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