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since no one else has answered this:

There are different possibilities to get out the dash cluster, but I prefer this one:
First you have to remove the panel below the dash/steering column and this panel contains about 5 screws and one plastic plug (above the pedals). When this panel is removed, you can take out the flexible pipe that comes from the heater house (including the round-to-square-fitting part). If this pipe is removed you can unscrew the cable of the speedometer and when this cable is untightened, you can push out the dash cluster from behind (just push it forward towards the steering wheel; it is clamped in the dash).
Take care not to pull the cable of the speedometer (if you pull this cable to hard it will make noise or cause a nervous needle).
If you have pushed the dash cluster towards the steering wheel, you can unplug the connectors and take out the dash cluster entirely. Change both dash lights.

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