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OK, I have finally gathered all of my questions that I've wanted to ask in my head. All pertain to the 95 C280.

1) If I put trans into 3rd gear, will it act as a SPORT MODE, so to speak? I don't think it does, but was wondering because my friend has a BMW, and if you put it into third, it will hold in each gear longer before shifting. I know I do'nt have driver adaptive trans. but was wondering if the car did have this.

2) I have done a search on this, but wanted to clarify that I need a new shift stalk for the following problem. High beams work when pushed in (constant on), but do not work when pulled back (flashing them). Any other possibilities?

3) Kind of relating to number 2, my wiper delay is WACKED. Sometimes it will just stay on, sometimes go on once every 5 min., and will sometimes go on when I turn on my blinker (all with wiper intermittent mode on). I am sure I need the new wiper delay because when I wiggle the part in it's holding, the wiper will work on and off, the part number is 000 821 0863 (would that be 202 821 0863 for me?). Thought that this and the high beam flasher might be related somehow as they are both on the stalk.

4) My car does the occasional 'no start when warm' but will work after a number of attempts after that. I am sure I need a new overvolt relay. Part number (according to partsshop) is 000 540 6745, would it be 202 540 6745 for me?

5) And this one has been bugging me for awhile... There is the OBDII hookup under the drivers side dash, as you all know. But what is the hook-up under the hood by all the electrical stuff (upper left corner), the round one?

6) And maybe someone can help me locate the wiring harness on this car. I want to know if it has already been replaced. I know to look for worn insulation, but where is the darn thing? Do I really have to take it do the dealer to determine this (which I won't anyway!)?

That's about it. But I thought I would let everyone know of my most recent project! This may sound kind of pathetic, but I am proud of what I have done! I have successfully converted my normal 95 C280 key into a 97 C-class flip key! Of course the remote does not work on my car (but will on an old friends'!!!). I just recently found my friend's 1997 C280 key in my room when I was cleaking out a drawer. The girl moved away a few months away and have not talked to her in 2 years. So I finally (after hours of figuring out how to do it) got the old silver key our of the flip key. Was able to take one of my keys, cut off plastic, and have hardware store man cut off ends to make it straight. I then JB Welded it into the old key housing, let dry, sanded flat, and I have a new flip key! All friends think I'm a nut, maybe I am? I have tested it all today, and works fine, just hope it won't break in ignition! Point of breakage though will still leave plenty of room to remove key. OK...
I hope you all can answer some of my questions! Thanks again.
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