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Old 02-13-2001, 07:12 AM
Joe Monshade
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Got the trans serviced yesterday (fluid change + filter also LOF). On an intermmittent basis, 2nd to 3rd winds high and 3rd to 4th doesn't shift. Happens when colder, but not just start cold. After I stop when it winds high, I shift to neutral and back to drive. This alleviates the high winding. I do this once or twice within the first 20 miles and the problem stops altogether.

Here's the rub. The air cleaner was lifted and checked and reinstalled, but the breather tube was out of joint (usually happens when someone else changes oil). Anyway I suspect a vacuum hose is disconnected or loose somewhere. Any suggestions?

PS - Driving out west (1200 miles) this weekend.

85 190E (8v) 2.3L
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