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I bought an 85 300TD for $450 last week, car is actually in decent shape, just dirty, and I want to restore it to everyday use, even if I have put another 1.4K money/time in it..( I rebuilt an 83 240D Diesel and I'm addicted)Car starts great on 20 degree day even after not running for 3 weeks.
The car starts out with horrendously slow acceleration in the beginning. You have to ram the foot to the floor to get it moving. After initial acceleration (if you can call it that) it takes off normally ..
I dont think the problem is engine related.I think its in the fuel system. I intend to start work on the car in 3 weeks when weather breaks.
I'm not a bad amateur mechanic, but some of these
questions may sound very dumb:
Before I start taking apart fuel system,
(1) Could this because of Auto transmission problems? Car shifts normally smoothly once it gets moving.
(2) Can Diesels have a plugged exhaust?

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