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From my experiences with the 300SE (I have owned three), I have had to replace the water pump on two of the cars at about 110,000m - 130,000m. Air conditioning units don't seem to be the best. I'm not very technical, but the car I own now, the a/c doesn't work, and on my previous 300se, the a/c seemed to run quite warm at times.
I have just been told I will have to get something done with the head on my current car (at 136,000m), I think it is leaking oil.
I'm saving the best points till last though!! Even with all these problems, which if you consider about 500,000 miles have been covered - the problems haven't been too bad. This car is fantastic. I am more than happy with performance, I can beat most, and keep up with the best. But why race? You look cool!!!
I'm only 19, so it's even better for me. Although I spend 1400 a year on insurance and 70 a week on petrol, I love this car. I feel 100% safe, it's built like nothing else. My dad drives a W140 500, and he enjoys borrowing my car sometimes, because he said it is a completely different ride.
What comes to mind when I compare the two cars is, the W126 seems to have been built by hand, the W140 by robots.
I consider this to be the best car in the world (or at least the W126). If you compare the technology to what we have now, this car still has few rivals. That has got to say something.

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