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Artie Stringer
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For what its worth on my 1985 500se I have found what appear to be two electrical/thermal sensors. One is at the front of the L/H inlet manifold and judging by the w & g markings this is the thermal-time switch which controls the cold start injector. This can be tested for continuity on a cold engine and then for O/C on a warm or hot engine. One of the poles of the switch should show continuity to ground with the engine cold. Sort time after startup this pole should open and remain open on a hot engine.

The other is at the rear of the R/H inlet manifold and I suspect that this is the engine coolant thermal sensor, but I'm not sure. If the resistance/temp characteristics were known then this could also be tested easily with a multimeter using the resistance measurement function.

If you find any more info on these or other sensors please post.

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