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BMWs are not worth rebuilding. They have problems of their own and do not seem to last. As for the comparison of the W-124 vs the 5 series. It depends which 5 series you're going up against 525-540 series and M5. There are at least 4 different models in this category. The 400 E I have seems more than adequate that I have used and unless I am against a M5 or something. I don't know if that is more or less true. I find that BMWs are complicated but fail more often and do not last as long as the MBs. Porsches, I do not know since, I never have owned or driven one. I have heard of conversions and upgrades of the older models to current models. They seem pretty pricey for parts compared to the MBs. However, it seems like more of a weekend car than anything else. Don't know of their dependability. Also, how pratical is a Porsche. When is the last time you saw 4 people in a Porsche? MB seems to satisfy all criteria.
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