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Well, what can I say? The only thing that'll save you money if you decide to mess with a Porsche (911) is that there's no radiator Of course there's also the argument that you'll save on spark plugs! Personally, *I* have found that earlier P-cars rarely went 10k without going back to the shop. As for the 930's, those things in their heyday would go by anything but a gas station. One oil change would cost you $100 in oil alone! The reason those things needed a turbocharger was because the darn oil pump took 8hp to run! I still maintain that they're quite easy to work on although I don't know if it's easier than a 300D. What am I doing? I'm raggin' on my guys here! I'd give anything to ride in a 917/935/956/962. If you ever decide to give the Porsche a try, might I suggest one with a Volkswagen Engine?

Happy wrenching

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