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I came across a post of yours in another thread where you said something about building an LCD contol panel or some such into your center console. Have you started doing that?

I was finally able to figure out exactly what I removed from the old alarm system, and how it related to the ignition, and then essentially repeated what the previous owner did: brought wires from the starter switch and battery through the firewall and into the passenger footwell. However, I connected them the under-dash pushbutton that was previously the alarm cut-off, giving me a quick & dirty pushbutton starter.

Better yet, I also rigged a temporary switch using the wires that energize accessories and fuel pumps prior to ignition -- which eliminates the need for a key altogether.

Now I want to clean the whole thing up with a very thin, very elegant surface-mounted control panel on the center console. Have you begun anything in that area?

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