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You know, I was all but certain there would be a less than open minded view of suggesting than anything other than a MB should be considered superior on this site. An excessive bias towards MB is obvious, even by those who have a hybrid MB & Porsche vehicle. And just why would MB turn to Porsche for reliable performance? Obviously because of the low quality of engineering and lack of performance. Not.

To your assertion, I don’t claim encyclopedic knowledge of the production lines of any manufacturer. If Porsche wishes to double check every vehicle they build, I would think it obvious that that step, while costly, indeed, does not imply that they did a crap job the first time around. These are Germans. They are not idiots, Michael. Porsche sets a higher standard than most. I would further suggest that just as every vehicle assembly line provides more than ample opportunity for elements to be missed or left in need of some further work, Porsche is willing to go several extra steps to better insure a superior product rolling out the door. Due to this, I don’t think you have much of a point.

Lets talk vehicles built for racing. Naw, lets not.

Lets talk mistakes: 924, 944. Oops. Perhaps that’s what you are talkin’ about? Okay the first couple models of water cooled Porsches were at issue, but ONLY because they were built to compete in the scum pond part of the market (and to use a lot of Audi parts bin stuff). The 928 and later water cooled vehicles didn’t have many built-in cost constraints. The air cooled Porsches only had minor constraints, with the more aggressive performance models (i.e. turbos) suffering the typical fate of over built engines on sport suspension. (No surprise there.) How about bad news: crash worthiness. About equal from what I’ve read (goes to the point of Porsche’s race worthy capability).

Without looking too far, you can find at least a few MB’s with predictable early life failures and high maintenance. I recall reading recently about serious problems with some of the turbo diesels. I forget the models… These were problems meriting massive recalls. Even well outside of warranty. Lets talk the early ‘90s 4-matic line. On second thought, I’m still stinging from that one, so lets not. Do you think that MB is exempt from build quality issues? Do occasional build issues determine the nature of the manufacturer? If so, MB has probably built more cars with problems than Porsche has built in totality. Sadly, build problems are an inherent part of mass production. Especially, it seems, with “cheaper” cars…

Porsche has survived and prospered as a comparatively tiny company, building a limited number of exceedingly well built vehicles, with a service life second to none. Yes they require maintenance. They are built to be used HARD. A Porsche gets thrown about far more often than the average MB. Were the average Mike or John to treat a MB as one would routinely treat a Porsche, I would suggest that the maintenance cycle an MB would be just a tad more frequent and a whisker costlier. Of course, most MBs would go pirouetting off the road if one attempted to keep up with a Porsche. There are exceptions, of course. All Porsches are built for performance & comfort.

Lets talk interior: I’ll put my original 21 year old Porsche’s interior against any MB or BMW of the same vintage. Extremely comfortable soft seats, quiet, leather everywhere, excellent ergonomics, nice sound system; all of which has served the test of time. Mine has only one rattle. Lets talk mechanicals: I’ll put the engine (original) and/or braking system up for review by the same scrutiny.

Did you know that many parts in Porsche are from the same manufacturer’s as are MB? So we’re really talking about chassis, engines, and manufacturer’s own built components, as well as a vehicle’s unique components built to the mfgr’s specifications. Does MB perform like Porsche? I don’t think so. Does MB last longer than Porsche. Maybe. But only maybe. I’d bet a lot more Porsches cut short their lives due to accidents. And parts cost. As stated above, most wearable items cost about the same for MB, BMW & Porsche. So what’s your definition of superior, Michael?

Thanks for the opportunity to elaborate. As I said in my post above, I have 2 MB’s, a Porsche and a BMW. The primary reason I favor MB’s is because the service department is far more competent than anything I’ve seen for Porsches. If I wanted to be snotty I could say that there are far more opportunity to solve problems on MBs than Porsches. While true, it is a deceptive truth. As we know, there are a lot more MBs made than there are Porsches.

A word about BMW: My Bimmer has more miles than my other cars and has less maintenance needs than the other cars. It is also one fine, quiet, and rattle free ride.


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