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s60 - my bad

I forgot to incorporate the 400E or 500E in my comments. Thanks for refreshing my aging memory, because you make an excellent point. The comparo that I had in mind was my 300E vs. my friend's 96 525i. The basic point I wanted to make is that IMHO, a comparable 5-Series will outhandle an E-class. But the point which accompanies that statement is that in "real world" driving, which most of us do at least 98% of the time and which involves factors in addition to performance (and the performance factor itself is attenuated by other things), the E-class out-performs the comparable BMW. Benz generally gets the ENTIRE car right, not just parts of it, which I believe is true about BMWs.

I would certainly enjoy having the perfect car for that 2%, but then, I get to take laps in my friend's Porcshe SCCA pro stock something or other for that.

I hope that's clearer.

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