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Gary Hoffmann
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Hello group,

I need some help on this old bird. It's a 116 024 with the O;d 110 double overhead cam engine in it.

Vehicle was towed in since the engine would not start anymore after Engine had been steam cleaned by some car salesman. I was told that they tried for hours to get it started but to no avail.

Below I will list the repair steps I have done in a sequential manner:

Upon arrival I pulled the plugs and they were soaking wet.

I disconnected the fuel pump relay to make sure that I don't flood the engine even further.

Next I cranked the engine for some time to make sure that all the "possibly" remaining fuel in the intake manifold would be "pumped out.

Thereafter a compression check was done and I noticed that I had about 125 psi on every cylinder.

The spark looked somewhat weak to me so I replaced the spark plug wires and and both ballast resistors on the coil. The "blue" resistor was beyond bad. I now have a health 30 KV spark.

I now tried to start the engine but to no avail. I sprayed staring fluid into the intake system but the engine would not even react to it.

Next I pulled the plugs out (not wet) and put a new set of Bosch plugs in, still no start.

I began to think that I may have a timing/camshaft/crankshaft problem. After pulling the valve cover, everything was ok in that area.

Next I checked the fuel pressure and it is up to 5.2 bar and drops to about 2 bar after the pump stops.

Again at this point I tried to start the engine but it would not start.

Next I jumpered the fuel pump relay and disconnected one injector line to see what the delivery amount of the system was. Sure enough someone had adjusted the the setting so rich that there was just to much fuel going into the intake system. After this I retraced my steps, drying plugs and such, but I was still not able to get this engine to run.

I did look for large vacuum leaks but there is so much vacuum generated when I crank the engine over that practically there is no leak.

Last but not least I did disconnect the cold start valve to make sure it was not blindly injecting..

What am I overlooking group ???

Best regards

Gary Hoffmann
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