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Don't Be Fooled... This Is History...

Yeah, Yeah, the telecom yuppies are being sold the same line of drivel by "savvy" real estate agents here too! That's why local residents who have lived here for multiple generations are wondering where their children will be buying property in the future! Perhaps the isolated and job deficient, white-trash Lake County area? Yeah, sure...

But if you closely examine the Hetch-Hetchy water system, and the connected reservoirs and turbines, you will be amazed to find that from the original Hetch-Hetchy (Tuolumne Meadows) Valley to Lake Don Pedro, to the Pulgas Water Temple, PG&E has been stealing water power from the population of SF for generations... The original system was created (against the protestations of John Muir), to allow the city of San Francisco to have sufficient water pressure to fight another devastating fire like the one that destroyed the city after the earthquake in 1906!!! But surprise, it turned into an electrical power generating scandal that has yet to be fully outed...

It's not all about that canal running to the Imperial Valley!

For instance, did you know that there is a tunnel large enough to drive a Earth Mover Truck through (with plenty of room to spare) that runs straight through the hills between Tracy and the East Bay?

You ALL would be AMAZED!!!

Hey, Right now, I'm lookin' at what appears to be the Sierras, or the Frickin' Rocky Mountains right here in Sonoma County!!!!

It's lovely, and quite breathtaking for a change, to see snow capped hills (mountains?) in this area!!!

My son thinks that they are clouds, but he wants to go play in the snow! (and so do I)

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