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I don't know why some of you are so hard on the Porsches. I truly loved my 944 Turbo that I owned for 9 glorious years.
I had one recall during that period to install heat shielding around the exhaust and change the fuel lines. Other than that it was completely trouble free.

The sports car I owned before the 944T was a 1969 Jaguar XKE. Talk about a maintenance nightmare! Drive it a on it 3 weeks. Beauty is on skin deep with this cat!

I don't think there are many cars out there that can be hot-rodded more than a 944 Turbo. It came stock with 217 HP but, with a minimal effort you could get 400 HP out of one. They are excellent handling cars with near perfect balance.

Would I want to drive a Porsche every day? NO! That's what the Benz is for! I look at Porsches as weekend or special occasion cars.
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