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Thanks for the quick reply....

Originally posted by sixto
If you have the typical 80s MB with a fader control behind the shifter then you should have 4 speaker wires in the stereo cavity which lead to the fader control and 6 speaker wires downstream of the fader control.

You have the choice of using 4 wires from the replacement stereo to provide a signal to the existing fader control, or bypassing the existing fader control and running new wires to the speakers. You can shortcut new wires all the way through by bridging the front left and and rear left (-) wires and front right and rear right (-) wires leaving you with 6 wires to connect downstream of the existing fader. MAKE SURE YOUR REPLACEMENT STEREO WILL NOT BE DAMAGED BY WIRING IT THIS WAY!

I see from your sig line that you have a 240D and 300E. This should work for the 240D but the wire colors I provided early in this thread are for most 80s MBs. I don't know if your 300E has the later Becker 1432 or similar stereo that has external amplifiers. If so, you need a completely different wiring strategy.

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This "little project" is for the 91 300E, replacing a Becker 1480 receiver. So I need a completely different wiring strategy????
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