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Hello Everyone...

I guess I'm just posting this message to tell everyone how kick-a$$ my new H&R springs are. I just finished putting them on my 92 400E. First of all, installation was a breeze taking only a little over an hour and a half for all 4. (I have a shop and did the work myself.) The rears took less than 10 minutes a side. The fronts were a little more complicated, but all I did was drop the 2 lower control arm bolts, and pivoted the control arm down with a transmission stand. Voila, that was it. Anyway, I left the stock spring pads on, they look pretty thin anyway. I think the car is about 2in. lower, and it looks killer! Actually the rear wheels sit inside the fender well! Right now, I have stock wheels. I hit about 110mph on the beltway on the way home and came across some pretty big dips, and nothing rubbed. Also I want to comment on the steering response of the car now. It's a difference between night and day! I really feel like I'm in a corvette or something. if you have any doubts about H&R...don't worry. So far it's the best money i've put into the car. Wheels are next month, then I'll post some pics!

later everyone......pb
Peter Balias
1992 400E
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