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AFAIK the Becker 1480 is the kind of stereo that has separate amps. I'm not sure if it has a separate tuner. If it has a separate tuner, there will not be an antenna cable in the stereo cavity. If there is an antenna cable in the stereo cavity, there is no separate tuner. And lucky for you. I don't know where the amps are on a 300E (behind the back seat? in the trunk?). Find them and run speaker wires from the stereo to the amps then tap the wires into the amp harness. Leave the amps disconnected. Or run separate wires to the speakers.

I believe there's a left channel amp and a right channel amp. The connectors for each amp should have numeric markings. I'm fairly sure pin 7 if front (+), pin 8 is front (-), pin 1 is rear (+), pin 3 is rear (-). I said fairly sure

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